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      PICKIT3 脫機燒寫專用燒寫軟件


      Microchip’s PICkit 3 In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer uses in-circuit debugging logic incorporated into each chip with Flash memory to provide a low-cost hardware debugger and programmer. In-circuit debugging offers these benefits:

      • Low cost
      • Minimum of additional hardware needed for debug
      • Expensive sockets or adapters are not required

      The PICkit 3 can now also reprogram any PIC microcontroller

      with a simple push of a button:

      Find out more about Programmer-To-Go function

      The MPLAB PICkit 3 allows debugging and programming of PIC® and dsPIC® Flash microcontrollers at a most affordable price point using the powerful graphical user interface of the MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The MPLAB PICkit 3 is connected to the design engineer's PC using a full speed USB interface and can be connected to the target via an Microchip debug (RJ-11) connector (compatible with MPLAB ICD 2, MPLAB ICD 3 and MPLAB REAL ICE). The connector uses two device I/O pins and the reset line to implement in-circuit debugging and In-Circuit Serial Programming?.

      PICkit 3 Features

      • USB (Full speed 12 Mbits/s interface to host PC)
      • Real-time execution
      • MPLAB IDE compatible (free copy included)
      • Built-in over-voltage/short circuit monitor
      • Firmware upgradeable from PC/web download
      • Totally enclosed
      • Supports low voltage to 2.0 volts (2.0v to 6.0v range)
      • Diagnostic LEDs (power, busy, error)
      • Read/write program and data memory of microcontroller
      • Erase of program memory space with verification
      • Freeze-peripherals at breakpoint
      • Program up to 512K byte flash with the Programmer-to-Go

      Header Information

      Some 8-, 14- and 18-pin devices use small header boards with a special MCU for debugging. This special MCU has extra pins for PICkit 3 communication and therefore allows the use of all pins on the part for the application. The header board is not used or needed for programming. However, when debugging these devices the header must be used. See the "Header Specification" document below or see a list of current devices that use headers here.

      Other PICkit 3 Products

      PICkit 3 Debug Express

      The PICkit 3 Debug Express includes

      • PICkit 3 Debugger/Programmer
      • 44-pin demo board with a PIC18F45k20 microcontroller
      • All hookup cables
      • and a CDROM that includes the following:

      ? PICkit 3 User’s Guide
      ? A series of 12 Lessons on C programming that cover I/O, A/D converters, timers, interrupts, and data tables (All source code files are provided)
      ? A Debugging Tutorial on using the PICkit 3 as a debugger with the MPLAB IDE
      ? HI-TECH C PRO for PIC10/12/16 MCU Family in Lite mode.
      ? Microchip’s MPLAB IDE software for a complete code development environment

      DV164131 (purchase on microchipDIRECT)

      PIC18 Development Kit

      The PIC18 Development Kit is a complete bundle of the essential development tools needed to get started with your next PIC18 application. THe kit includes a PIC18 Explorer Board, PICkit 3 Debugger/Programmer, USB cable, and a 9V universal power supply. The PIC18 Explorer Board includes both the PIC18F8722 and PIC18F87J11 microcontrollers and supoorts dozens of the general purpose PIC18 families using various processor Plug-in Modules (PIMs). PICtail daughter boards enable many different accessory boards to connect to the PIC18 Explorer Board for a flexible and complete development environment. The PICkit 3 allows debugging and programming of PIC microcontrollers using the powerful graphical user interface of the MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) via USB connection to the PC which also provides power. The kit also includes the FREE MPLAB IDE and FREE PIC18 C Lite Compiler for a complete code development environment.

      DV164136 (purchase on microchipDIRECT)

      F1 Evaluation Kit

      The F1 Evaluation Kit is a demonstration/development tool for Enhanced Mid-range PIC microcontrollers (PIC12F1xxx/PIC16F1xxx) and includes the PICkit 3 for quick programming and development. Populated with a PIC16LF1937 featuring XLP technology, this platform consists of a 44-pin development board with prototyping space, 3V LCD glass, support for the Motor Control add-on (DM164130-2), and support for PICkit 3 & PICkit Serial. This kit provides a platform for general purpose development, and includes demonstrations focusing on low Power, LCD, and motor control.

      DV164132 (purchase on microchipDIRECT)